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LASIK Laser Vision Correction by CONTOURA

The Latest Topography-Guided Bladeless LASIK Laser

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery is performed on CONTOURA by ALCON, USA

Contoura Vision (Version 2024) is the latest & most advanced form of laser vision correction procedure for the removal of spectacles & contact lenses. It is a topography-guided personalised treatment for correcting spectacle number & corneal abnormalities.

No natural corneal surface is perfect – Topolyser maps more than 22000 elevation points on the cornea and this data is transferred to the excimer laser which removes the corneal abnormalities resulting in sharper vision, better night vision, increasing vision to more than 6/6 – What we call as Super-Vision. Here’s a quick rundown: –

  • Technology: It uses a special device called a topolyser to create a highly detailed 3D map of your cornea, capturing up to 22,000 data points.
  • Advantage: This detailed map allows the laser treatment to be customized to address not just your refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) but also any microscopic corneal irregularities.
  • Benefit: The goal is to create a smoother and more optically perfect corneal surface, potentially resulting in sharper vision and potentially reduced halos or glare, especially at night.
  • Comparison: Traditional LASIK corrects refractive errors based on a measurement of the curvature of your cornea, not a detailed 3D map.

Precision Vision Enhancement with Contoura: Experience Spectacle-Free Clarity

At the heart of Contoura Vision lies its proprietary topography-guided laser system, which meticulously maps the intricate landscape of the eye’s surface. This precise mapping enables our skilled ophthalmologists to craft a customized treatment plan, tailored to correct vision imperfections with unprecedented accuracy.

FDA-approved and embraced worldwide, Contoura Vision guarantees the clearest vision attainable by targeting the visual axis and refining the power of glasses. Moreover, this stitchless procedure boasts a pain-free experience, eliminating the need for injections, bandages, or hospitalization.

Unlock the potential of your vision with Contoura, where precision meets perfection to unveil a world of spectacle-free clarity.

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    Why choose Contoura Vision?

    CONTOURA Vision offers a highly customized treatment plan based on the unique topography of your cornea. This can result in better visual outcomes and reduced risk of side effects like glare and halos, especially in low-light conditions.

    • Improved Visual Quality: By addressing not only your prescription but also the subtle irregularities in your cornea’s shape, CONTOURA Vision aims to provide sharper and more accurate vision compared to traditional LASIK.
    • Permanent freedom from glasses and contact lenses.
    • Quick Recovery: It is a walk in walk out procedure after which most patients are able to resume activities within a day.
    • FDA Approval: CONTOURA Vision has been approved by the FDA. indicating that it has met rigorous safety and efficacy standards. This is a reassurance to patients considering the procedure.

    The Procedure of Contoura Vision Specs Removal Surgery

    • Pre-op evaluation: Before surgery, you’ll undergo a comprehensive eye examination to assess your vision, corneal health, and overall eye condition. This evaluation may include measurement of corneal topography, refractive, pupil size, and Tear film analysis.
    • Corneal mapping: During the measurement, a detailed evaluation of corneal shape and irregularities is done using advanced topography-guided imaging technology. This mapping provided crucial data for creating a personalized treatment plan.
    • Customised treatment plan: Based on the corneal mapping results, the surgeon will develop a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific visual needs and corneal characteristics. This plan includes precise adjustments to correct your refractive error and corneal irregularities.
    • Surgical procedure:
      • Step 1: A femtosecond laser is used to reach the stromal layer of the cornea. (Creation of flap by bladeless & painless technique)
      • Step 2: Topography-guided system reshapes cornea
    • Post-operative care: following the procedure you will receive instructions for post-op care including the use of protective glasses, and eye drops to aid in healing and prevent infection. You will attend follow-up visits to monitor your progress and ensure optimal healing and visual outcomes.

    Benefits of Contoura Vision

    • Customisation
    • Improved visual acuity
    • Improved visual quality
    • 22000 point corneal mapping
    • Re-treatment possible
    • Quick recovery
    • Reduced risk of side effects
    • Walk-in walk-out procedure

    Common Symptoms Improved by Contoura Vision

    • Light sensitivity
    • Faulty night vision
    • Glare
    • Halos
    • Difficulty reading
    • Difficulty driving at night

    Common Symptoms Improved by Contoura Vision

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    • The Latest Topography-Guided Lasik Laser Vision Correction by Contoura Vision
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    Post LASIK Contoura Vision Expectations

    Following your LASIK Contoura Vision procedure, it’s essential to allocate a few hours for rest at home. You may encounter slight discomfort, such as a sensation akin to having a foreign object in your eye or increased tear production, but these effects typically diminish within a short time frame. The majority of patients resume their regular activities, including work, within a day post-procedure.

    Around 90% of your visual acuity is usually restored within a few hours of the surgery, and within several days, your vision typically achieves normal clarity or better. We strongly advise attending follow-up appointments with our team one day and one week post-procedure to facilitate ongoing monitoring of your healing progress and ensure optimal recovery of your eyes.

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